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Superman, Interman, Smallville, Scott Pilgrim: May 25th Comic Reel Wrap

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Superman, Interman, Smallville, Scott Pilgrim: May 25th Comic Reel Wrap


According to their official website, the effects firm Rhythm and Hues will be working on the Bryan Singer-helmed DC adaptation.


According to Variety (subscription required), New Line has licensed the rights to Jeff Parker’s self-published graphic novel. This means Gail Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Motion Pictures, over at Paramount, will no longer be on the project after optioning the rights in 2003. Screenwriter Alexi Hawley is writing the adaptation


Kryptonsite caught producer Al Gough revealing a spoiler about the fate of Lana’s love interest Jason Teague.


Variety also reports (subscription required that Universal and Marc Platt Prods. have tapped Michael Bacall to adapt comicbook “Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life.”


Hollywood North Report claims that “Filming for X-Men 3 is set to run August 2nd thru December 15th at Vancouver Film Studios on the eastside of the city. Stewart Bethune (‘X2,’ ‘Fantastic Four’) has signed on as the Unit Production Manager; Jena Niquidet (‘Fantastic Four,’ ‘Catwoman’) is the Production Coordinator; Lee Cleary (‘Fantastic Four’) is the First Assistant Director;David Arnold is the Second Assistant Director and Veteran Vancouver Location Manager Ann Goobie (‘Elf,’ ‘Saved!,’ ‘Fantastic Four’) is signed on for just that.”


There’s three new TV commercials posted at The Movie Box, and are available in QuickTime format (look for links seven, eight and nine).


Ready for some spoilers? There’s a lot of new photos at Fantastic 411 which reveal intimate details about the picture.


Yahoo! Movies has a look at the new trailer for the Disney superhero movie, opening on July 29th.


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