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Sunspot Actor Adan Canto Burned Through Comics In Prep For Role

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Sunspot Actor Adan Canto Burned Through Comics In Prep For Role

Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past has so many mutants, it might be hard to keep up on who’s who. In fact, some of the actors weren’t familiar with their characters going into the film. Adan Canto, who plays Sunspot, was one such performer, but that didn’t stop him from doing some research. Fandango was on hand when Canto talked a bit about how he used the source material to research his character.

Canto admitted that he wasn’t familiar with comics before getting the role, but did jump into the world of New Mutants in preparation for the part. “It wasn’t entirely a new world because I had followed the previous movies, but I did jump into the comic books world a bit to understand: Who is this guy? What’s his life like?” Canto said. “I just find I work better that way when I understand what’s in his mind, where he’s coming from. I pretty much took most of the things I read and I brought them to the table. He’s a fiery guy. There’s a lot of passion with Sunspot – a lot of experiences that brought him to want to explode all the time, but he’s a positive guy. There was just a lot of material – very helpful!”

Canto also praised director Bryan Singer’s ability to see the whole film in his head during production. “It’s inspiring to see somebody that knows exactly what he wants, and he sees it in his mind,” he said. “When you’re working with him, you can see the whole game plan in his head, and just to make things work the way he makes them work is great. And to be a part of that as an actor and simply as a person in this industry, it was just a great learning experience to take things to the next level.”

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens on May 23.

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