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“The Starman Omnibus” vol. 1 on sale In May, “Ex Machina Deluxe Edition” on sale in June

“Starman” #0 was released in 1994, and so too was Tony Harris upon comics readers and art fans. Following the great success of that hugely influential and Eisner-winning DC Comics series, Harris went on to create striking, memorable and unmistakably first-rate design, artwork and covers for a series of high-profile projects including “Dr. Strange,” “The Legion of Super-Heroes” and “Transmetropolitan.” A founder of Jolly Roger Studio, Harris has also earned much acclaim for his own creations like “Lazarus 5” and “Obergeist,” as well as “JSA: The Liberty Files” and “JSA: The Unholy 3,” which he created for DC Comics.

Most recently, Harris’ work has been seen in Marvel Comics’ “Spider-Man: With Great Power…” with writer Dave Lapham, and the artist continues to work towards the highly anticipated conclusion of his and Brian K. Vaughan’s lauded, Eisner-winning “Ex-Machina” for Wildstorm.

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By Tony Harris

Looking in the main door toward the shitter. You see here a bunch of props for photo shoots. A really cool WWII Propaganda poster, guns, and my beloved flat storage file. Got that at a flea Market for $20.

Turning toward my Monster Drafting table. I love it. Its about 40-years-old. Bought it from a retired architect along with the cool lamp. You can also see more hats (I am a prop junkie!), my “Creature from the Black Lagoon” standee (I’m a HUUUUUGE Universal monster buff). Dont look at the junk under my table!

My super-awesomest-display-case-thingy! I am a toy junkie! Only 1/6 scale, though. Those comic boxes are finally gone, too. And that big black thing is our Jolly Roger Studio booth we set up at some shows.

From the shitter looking at the door to the kitchen. Various art from “Starman,” “The Mummy,” and Kevin Nowlan “Dr. Strange.” Also shown are a few pieces from my immense ink well collection. Almost all are antique. More Universal monsters 1/1 head sculpts (with hats and wigs on), and some more of my gun collection, some real and some air-soft. I aint tellin’ which!

At my drafting table looking at my computer desk. A really cool Little Bird chopper hanging from the cieling. My Great Machine standee made for me as a birthday gift by “Ex Machina” inker Jim Clark. My ever beloved Drew Struzan book on my easel — never leaves it. Also seen are my eMac (his name is Smart Ass White Boy). Wacom tablet , TV, DVD player, and wireless Sony Headphones. Have to have movies going while I work. Some Eisner nominations, and my two Eisner Awards.

Anothe view, same stuff.

Firemans helmet (actually scorched), military hats, gear. Airsoft Uzi, HK- MP-5, Spas 12 12-gauge shotgun, M-4.

A proper shot of my computer workstation. I never have needed or wanted a huge machine, hust one that does what I want. My oversized scanner is tucked under the monitor.

My lightbox spent many years in the offices of the Gainesville Florida Sun newspaper. My brother-in-law worked there and they were going all digital and he snagged it for me.

Awards and shit for “Starman” and “Ex Machina.”

Some of my World War II gas mask collection. Its getting larger every year!

Great Machine helmet/goggles (WWII aviator goggles) and an unpublished Superman painting I did.

More WWII stuff. Aviator’s leather, wool-lined skull cap, Army helmets, and a bright yellow helicopter pilot’s helmet!

A really cool Hellboy page I got from Mike Mignola years ago when we were doing the “Batman/Hellboy/Starman” two-parter.

My custom Chewie, and Sideshow Collectibles Han.

My favorite thing in my studio. Words to live by.

One of the few “Starman” originals I kept. The pencil drawing tribute to Archie Goodwin, the greatest editor ever.

Thanks, all. Hope you enjoyed this tour of my small but cozy little cave I live and work in.

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