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Strangeways: Murder Moon – Page 17

by  in Comic News Comment
Strangeways: Murder Moon – Page 17

Commentary after the jump.

I really love the last panel on this one, not unlike the last panel on page, what was it, 14?  Good reaction shot on Collins, good expression.  While before, he was determined and ready to face anything, in this one we see him horrified at what the Wolf has done to the passengers that had been under his protection.  At least until he wandered off and tried to save Webster.

I don’t really love the quick fix on panel 3.  If I hadn’t printed too many of these in the first place, I’d have a new run and fix little stuff like that.  But then I’d try to fix all the little things that were wrong with the book in the first place.  Then I’d never write another thing again.  I’d constantly be polishing the old stuff, even when I’d ended up just rubbing it down to nothing.  You’ve got to be able to let some of this stuff go.  Though it’s tougher when you end up revisiting it.  I’d like to think that I’ve become a better writer.  There’s times that I feel that the guys at Estudio Haus did all the heavy lifting and made the script into something readable (in truth, it was a joint effort, but still, it’s easy to diminish your own contributions at times.)

But then I’m sure that Luis would pick apart the things that he sees wrong as well.  He’s pretty driven.  Just wish he lived closer by so that I could tap him on the shoulder instead of relying on email.

So, back to the page at hand.  Still a lot needing to be conveyed.  Collins has whacked the Wolf on the head with his shotgun and somehow turned him around.  What’s up with that?  He unloaded the shotgun at point blank range but didn’t drive it off, and yet, this has given the Wolf pause.

Then there’s the matter of the passengers in the coach.   He’s compelled to see this through even when Webster presents the purely rational or pragmatic angle that whatever was in there with the Wolf isn’t going to be more than hamburger.  There’s not a lot of reason to argue that point.

But sometimes the coldly rational isn’t the only way to go.

Back on Friday to see who made it out of that wreckage alive.

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