Straight for the ‘shop | Dean Trippe’s “Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things”

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You know him best as the mastermind of Project Rooftop, but apparently cartoonist Dean Trippe has a sideline gig as Barack Obama’s presidential photographer. How else to explain the photo series “Barack Obama Looking at Awesome Things” Trippe is hosting on his tumblr, featuring our chief executive getting up close and personal with Lion-O’s Sword of Omens, Green Lantern’s Power Ring, Speed Racer’s Mach 5, Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber, Batman’s batarangs, Captain America’s shield and many more objects of geekery? (Oh man, if you thought the debate over whether Red Hulk would be able to pick up Mjolnir was divisive….)

(via Ryan “Agent M” Penagos)