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Stan’s Back: Working through the mystery of Mr. Lee’s new project

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Stan’s Back: Working through the mystery of Mr. Lee’s new project

On Sunday I mentioned the Stan’s Back teaser campaign that’s been running on various websites and, as Rich Johnston noted, in the L.A. Times.

Since then, someone’s been having some fun with the source code on the Stan’s Back website, as they added some hidden code that reads:

“Try again, Blog@Newsarama!
Very close, Robot6!
Very funny, Comics Alliance!”

What’s notable here isn’t just that they called out ComicsAlliance’s humorous take on the situation, but that they didn’t mention Bleeding Cool. I listed several possibilities in my initial post, but Rich only mentioned one — BOOM! Studios. I think if Rich was wrong, they would have said so, and if he was right, well … they couldn’t really say that without giving the whole thing away.

“But wait,” you might be thinking. “What if whoever is running this teaser campaign somehow missed the Bleeding Cool post?” Somehow I doubt that’s likely, but for the sake of argument, let’s pretend there is some other explanation and move on to exhibit two.

In the Bleeding Cool comments section, a commenter with the screen name Golabutron points out that the Google Analytics account being used on the site is the same one being used on BOOM!’s other websites. He mentions that this, too, could be a trick to make everyone think it is BOOM! (and if so, well played, mysterious entity working with Stan Lee) but I agree with him that it’s more likely BOOM! just didn’t consider it as something that could give them away.

I contacted both BOOM! and Marvel about the site, and they both gave an official “No comment.”

Update, Feb. 24: The source code on the Stan’s Back site revealed another new message today: “All will be revealed soon.”

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