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Smallville, Hellboy 2, Fantastic Four, Batman Sequel: June 29th Comic Reel Wrap

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Smallville, Hellboy 2, Fantastic Four, Batman Sequel: June 29th Comic Reel Wrap


There’s some season premiere spoilers you’ll certainly want to kneel down before over at Kryptonsite. Their archrivals at Devoted to Smallville have new production stills from the season finale (at the bottom of the page).


Actor Ron Perlman was caught by the Hollywood News, confirming that “the movie will enter pre-production Christmas time this year, and would shoot early 2006 for a late 2006/ early 2007 release.”


Superhero Hype has updated their gallery with new images of Sue and Johnny Storm, and a pre-cosmic rays shot of the foursome prepped for launch, as well.


Hollywood North Report has a new rumor about another would-be Joker: actor Vincent Cassell, husband of “Matrix: Revolutions” star Monica Bellucci. Their report alleges that the film could go before cameras as soon as early 2006.

Meanwhile, CNN takes a look inside the latest Batmobile, looking at production designer Nathan Crowley’s method of making the monster.


Jason Pearson’s cult favorite joined “The Ride” and other 12 Gauge Comics properties in a new deal with Hollywood production house Illuminati Entertainment, according to this press release.


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