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Six by 6 | Six strips we’d love to see in a second Wednesday Comics

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Six by 6 | Six strips we’d love to see in a second <i>Wednesday Comics</i>

I was chatting with some friends the other day about DC’s Wednesday Comics series, which led to the inevitable “So which strips are your favorites?” conversation. It was also interesting to see such a wide variety in the ones people named as their favorites — for instance, one of my favorites is probably “Metamorpho,” which was on another person’s list as being one of the weakest. And I noticed that in this week’s Splash Page feature on the CBR home page, Chad, Tim and special guest Matthew J. Brady all listed “Kamandi” in their top five (with two of them putting it in the top spot), but I don’t think any of the folks I was talking to listed it as one of their favorites. So maybe there’s something in it for everyone.

In San Diego, there was some discussion at the Wednesday Comics panel about a second edition of the weekly series, and a few creators even talked about other people they’d like to see work in the format and what characters they might want to tackle next time. So I asked the Robot 6 crew what they’d like to see in the not-yet-announced-but-hopefully-inevitable Wednesday Comics II. Here’s what we came up with …

1. ‘Mazing Man by Bob Rozakis, Stephen DeStefano, and Karl Kesel: ‘Mazing Man‘s characters and subject matter are fairly well-suited for the “newspaper” format. It wouldn’t even have to be a continued storyline, just 12 standalone pages. Maybe Maze interacts with Denton one week, Guido the next, and Brenda and Eddie the week after that. (Tom Bondurant)

2. Oracle by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake: Tapping into the fact that Ostrander revamped Barabara Gordon’s character path, in conjunction with the late great Kim Yale, plus Mandrake’s style makes him perfect for noir. (Tim O’Shea)

3. Jonah Hex by Sergio Aragones and Darwyn Cooke: We’ve seen Aragones tackle DC’s western characters with the recent Batlash mini-series, and readers of the current Jonah Hex series have already seen what Cooke can do with the character. But I’d love to see Cooke simply go to town on the larger canvas offered by the Wednesday Comics format. (JK Parkin)

4. Blackhawk by Greg Rucka and Chris Samnee: Blackhawk is a time-honored DC feature that could be done quite convincingly as a Steve Canyon tribute, and I think Rucka and Samnee (who worked together on Checkmate) could pull that off while bringing their own sensibilities to it. (Tom Bondurant)

5. Doom Patrol by Charles Burns: I believe Mike Allred suggested Charles Burns at the Wednesday Comics panel in San Diego, which would be awesome. In Black Hole, Burns examined the anxieties and alienation of being a teenager through a sexually transmitted virus that mutated a group of high school students. His work is both creepy and cool, which would work perfectly on something like Doom Patrol. (JK Parkin)

6. Elongated Man by Mark Waid and Rick Burchett: It’s another strip which could work well as a newspaper-style serial. I’m thinking specifically of Rex Morgan, M.D. (which by the way is drawn by ex-Bat-artist Graham Nolan), but that’s just because it features married leads. Waid is a no-brainer to write it, and I think Burchett’s style would fit the characters. Actually, though, Graham Nolan wouldn’t be bad either…. (Tom Bondurant)

So what would you guys want to see in the next Wednesday Comics?

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