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Sin City, AvP, Batman, Jinx: April 28th Comic Reel Wrap

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Sin City, AvP, Batman, Jinx: April 28th Comic Reel Wrap


The Hollywood Reporter notes that “Dark Angel” alum Jessica Alba is in talks to star in the currently-filming Frank Miller adaptation. She’s in discussion to play exotic dancer Nancy, the “sweetheart of Sin City.”

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR has a gallery of high resolution photos from the upcoming franchise merger film. Meanwhile, the film has a new featurette that introduces the cast and crew up at


Blogger Andrew Clegg has posted some photos of taxis and police cars decked out as inhabitants of Gotham City, live from the Bloomsbury and Mill Hill sets of the Chris Nolan-helmed Bat flick.


According to, HBO is developing a series based on the Joe Matt graphic novel, ushered onto the small screen by “Simpsons” vets David X. Cohen and Donick Carey. There’s no script yet, but the network liked the concept a great deal, with a blend of live action and animation vis-a-vis “American Splendor.”


AOL has released a spoiler-laden preview clip (RealMedia only), showing a minute and 43 seconds from tonight’s episode, “Memoria.” Also, Kryptonsite has a huge spoiler about a cast member leaving the show after the May 12th episode, “Forsaken.” It’s not who you might think …


Superhero Hype has an interesting photo of an ad for the Marvel fantasy/romance adaptation, which hasn’t been discussed much by either Marvel sources in the press or the usual suspects in the media. The site goes on to say, “John Fasano is attached to direct from a script by Hans Rodionoff and Robert Nelson Jacobs.”


It looks like head shots and mailed pleas weren’t enough. In a follow up to a story we reported on March 31, MTV has posted a second notice on Craigslist summoning geeks of all creeds to Hollywood’s Meltdown Comics on Sunset, May 1st from 11AM-1PM. They ask for people to show up in costume for a chance to play “a superhero on TV,” and ask would-be costumed adventurers to RSVP.


The Hollywood Reporter was busy today. Their staffer Borys Kit reports that “Charlize Theron is in negotiations to star in ‘Jinx'” with Brian Michael Bendis adapting his own work for Universal Pictures. CBR’s own Beau Yarbrough reported this back on March 20th.


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