‘Simpsons’ fan sets record for cartoon character tattoos

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‘Simpsons’ fan sets record for cartoon character tattoos

No matter how many Simpsons T-shirts, posters, figurines and lunchboxes you own, you’ll never be as big of a fan as Lee Weir is.

The 27-year-old New Zealander is a bit of a Homer Simpson devotee. Well, maybe he’s more than a bit, considering he holds the Guinness Worlds Record title for Most Tattoos of the Same Cartoon Character Tattooed on the Body. Because, yes, that’s a thing — so much of a thing that it requires “tattoo” to be mentioned twice.

According to Guinness, Weir has 41 tattoos of Homer on his left arm  “in various states, including Homer as a jack-in-the box, Homer as the Grim Reaper, Homer in an elephant suit, Homer the Hulk and even Homer as a donut.” Of course, now I’m curious as to whether there’s a runner-up, like some poor guy with 40 tattoos of Peter Griffin on his back.

Weir had to make a major sacrifice to achieve his record, telling Guinness that he gave up alcohol for the past year so he could afford the tattoos.

(via Gawker)