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SDCC Photo Parade 2013: Sunday

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SDCC Photo Parade 2013: Sunday

It’s time to wrap up CBR’s Comic-Con International photo parades for the year (You can check out Thursday, Friday and Saturday here), with Sunday bringing a nice mix of comic book pros and amazing cosplayers. Speaking of cosplay, Jonah Weiland is still doing his best impression of a castaway, so Senior Editor Stephen Gerding continues to officiate as we enjoy the photographic stylings of Pinguino Kolb and photos. Let’s get to it!

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Photos by Pinguino Kolb

Joss Whedon poses with a fan-drawn portrait Robert Kirkman

Classic Kirby-style Cyclops Jim Lee and Dan Didio

Fans still love classic Harley Quinn Only at Comic-Con can a suit

made of plastic bags be a costume

Rich Stevens from Diesel Sweeties Shortpack’s David Willis

Bernard Chang Genderbent Captain America cosplay – I’m

always jealous of these badass Cap shields

I like the additional color in this

Poison Ivy costume

Daft Punk – this was fully animated

Impressive Wicked Witch Image Comics’ new booth

Tim Burton’s Catwoman teams

with Christopher Nolan’s Joker

Geof Darrow

Peter Kuper Jon Bogdanove promotes his current Kickstarter project

Artist Dennis Calero in deep discussion with Nova Peter Beagle

Photos by Caitlin Holland

Battle-damaged Wonder Woman Always love a good FLCL cosplay

Hitchcock’s “The Birds” costume – a perennial favorite A different take on Buzz Lightyear

The two sides… …of Two Face

Vintage Nick Fury I always wonder, do the cosplayers

make or buy these Power Rangers helmets?

Minions! Some good, old-fashioned steampunk, I believe

Sailor Moon/DC Superhero mash-ups Big sister Death celebrates Sandman’s 25th anniversary

Leatherface – another favorite The Devourer of Worlds: this Galactus

had to be about 7-feet tall

Sergio Aragones A feminine take on The Doctor

Captain Marvel salutes CBR’s readers Doctors…

And more Doctors!! And even more Doctors, albeit from a

different franchise

Absolutely fantastic Maleficent cosplay More Doctor Who cosplay!

Brian Buccellato gives SDCC his approval Pretty decent Nite-Owl costume

Bronies represent! A patriotic Captain America fan

Silent Bob just isn’t the same without Jay Daryl and Deadpool = The crossover you never

knew you wanted: Until now

Thor, god of thunder I think this is the first Northstar

cosplay I’ve ever seen

Great costumes – too bad

Bishop didn’t photobomb the pic