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SDCC ’09 | Wrapping up the wrap-ups

by  in Comic News Comment
SDCC ’09 | Wrapping up the wrap-ups

The San Diego Comic-Con ended more than a week ago, but folks are still posting their thoughts, memories and opinions about the show. There are a ton of them out there, and by now most of you are probably sick of hearing about the show, but I wanted to highlight a couple of them …

Today Heidi MacDonald published her huge, comprehensive report over at the Beat, covering everything from Camp Twilight and Stan Lee to Hall H and the “20-megaton douche bomb” that has hit the con:

A 20-megaton douche bomb has hit San Diego Comic-Con over the last few years. They are everywhere you want to be, and are eating all the food, drinking all the liquor and taking up all the time of the people you would like to meet. Even with the bad economy and contraction and all that, there are still a zillion D-girls and boys, movie website wonks and video game voyeurs who think they are the A-list.

In proper “green pants” fashion, along the way I suddenly wondered if maybe it IS their con now. After all, a lot of them have been coming for five or six years, and they have their own little traditions and hangouts and favorite things to do. Of course, mere familiarity doesn’t mean they aren’t still annoying douchebags. The big media parties are just one aspect of this, but it’s probably the worst. There are several honest to god nerdlebrities who came to the con for decades before Hall H just because they liked comics – these folks are fine and have always added to the cultural richness of the event. It’s the “80% of these people who don’t give a shit about comics,” as Jeff Katz is fond of saying, who are really stinking up the joint and using up all the oxygen.

I didn’t have a lot of interaction with the douchebags myself this year, mostly by choice; I mostly covered comics panels, stayed away from the Hollywood area of the show floor and hung out with friends after hours. But I saw plenty of them around and heard stories. One independent comics creator who had his own table told me one Hollywood type was circling his booth all day, talking about how he worked for one studio or another, and was looking for material to turn into a film. But when the creator said he’d have to pay for the graphic novels like everyone else, the guy suddenly lost interest.

Anyway, as I said, the douchebags didn’t spoil my show. Two guys who actually made my show better were David Brothers and Matt Maxwell. I posted David’s report from the show yesterday, while Matt Maxwell has a mammoth eight-part report on his blog (that link will take you to his index). Here was my personal, self-serving highlight from Matt’s report:

Eventually, however, I obtained my chariot and went to meet the person who is perhaps the closest to a boss that I have in all of my blogging duties, that being John (K) Parkin, head honcho of Robot 6, over there at CBR. You know, where you can read STRANGEWAYS: THE THIRSTY for free, and a good chunk of MURDER MOON while you’re at it. We drove over to the Tommy’s burgers in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego (not far from where I used to live only two lifetimes ago.) Granted, it’s not an Orthodox Tommy’s, since they serve French fries and there’s interior seating, but still, good enough to satisfy my annual craving for the things. One day, I’ll have to return to the One True Tommy’s on Beverly and Rampart, but that will have to wait. The burgers, by the by, were awesome, as expected. Bring napkins should you go.

It was my first trip to Tommy’s, and it was well worth it.

Finally, for more San Diego reports, Tom Spurgeon has his annual and always handy Collective Memory guide up. If, y’know, you’re not tired of hearing about the show by now.

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