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It’s almost 2:00 in the morning on Sunday and, well, I’m tired and have loads more work to do, so no pithy comments or other notes about Saturday at Comic-Con International in San Diego. It was really busy.

“Killer Stunts” Alan Scott Antony Johnson

“Just Shoot Me” actor Brian Posehn Brian Wood

David Hine (“Strange Embrace”), Rich Starkings and J.G. Roshell Some damn awesome looking costumes could be found on the floor Saturday.

And you thought you’d never see a Marvel/CrossGen crossover. Dan Jurgens

Dan Mishkin Paul Dini and Mark Waid

Colleen Doran Squirmboy” creator Dr. Mangor

The Fetts and Punisher? Uhhhhh … whatever. “Max Hamm Fairy Tale Detective” creator Frank Cammuso

Eisner award winner George Pratt Legendary “Flash” artist Harry Lampert

Seriously low-rent black costume Spidey. Pirates are the new monkeys? This guy begs to differ.

“Colonia’s” Jeff Nicholson Top Cow big-wig Jim McLaughling (looking most Satanic!)

Pouncing action Spidey! Spidey from the block!

“Maria’s Wedding” artist Jose Garibaldi It’s a pirate Klingon! ARRRRRRRRRR!

Pikachu, looking for some lovvvvvve! The Marvel booth.

Kyle Baker “Hello, how would you like to visit the CBR San Diego Global Headquarters?”

Lovern Kindzierski Marc Deering

Marc Silvestri Matt Groening

Matthew Clark Mike Hawthorne

Mike Norton Moose Bauman

Michael Avon Oeming Paul Guinan

Peter Kuper It’s the Pinis! Wendy and Richard

Big Punisher Logo Thingy-Majiggy Renee O’Connor of “Xena: Warrior Princess”

“Three Geeks” and “Three Fingers” Rich Koslowski Platinum Studios Scott Rosenberg with Gyros!

Check it out, the Sci-Fi booth had massive obnoxious spinny things! One of them fell off late in the day and killed Pikachu! REJOICE! One really bad costume, one good costume. You decide!

Just like beer, Showgirls make eveything better. I think I’ll get one for my bedroom. Yeah, this guy looks happy.

Christina Weir and Nunzzo DeFilippis DC announces plans for a new ongoing series, “Superman/Wonder Woman/Random Woman Wearing Jean Skirt.”

CBR’s own Steven Grant The lovely TOKYOPOP booth

Non-descript villain dude with red diaper on. “I’ll show you some resistance you Mutha Fu…!”

Gandalf? Dumbeldore? Oh who really cares. JESUS CHRIST! The resurrection happened at CCI!

Another damned Klingon. Okay, how’s her top being held up? Seriously.

Lady! Ladies! One with a hang bag, so she must be going places!

OH MOMMY! Xena, Matriarchal Princess

Bridget Silvestri Heavenly

Great costums, bad picture. Sorry guys. Orange Weird Costume Guy Person Thing

A really bored Starman This guys goggles were totally fogging up.

I realize that I’ve probably already taken five pictures of this exact same Stormtrooper, but how can I know for certain? Static Shock!

Matt Fraction kisses Jonah Weiland and goes for the nipple tweak.