SAN DIEGO, DAY 2: CrossGen upcoming comic previews

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[Ruse preview]

Ruse Promo #1

Ruse Promo #2

Negation Prequel Cover

Our friends at CrossGen Comics have provided CBR with some promo images from some upcoming comics during Comic-Con International at San Diego.

First up is the cover image from “The Negation Prequel,” the new comic coming to you from writers Mark Waid and Ton Bedard, penciler Paul Pelletier, inker Dave Meikis and colorist James Rachelle.

Our second preview contains two promo images from the new series, “Ruse.” “Ruse” calls upon the talents of writer Mark Waid, penciler Butch Guice, inker Mike Perkins and colorist Laura DePuy.

To learn more about these or any other CrossGen comics visit them on-line at or stop by their booth this weekend at CCI.