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SAN DIEGO, DAY 1: CBR’s Photo Parade

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SAN DIEGO, DAY 1: CBR’s Photo Parade

Thursday was a busy day at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Generally Thursday’s at Comic-Con are one of the less crowded days, but this year that wasn’t so. Even with the convention hall expanded and a horrible accident that closed the 5 Freeway (the main artery going South to San Diego), the hall was jam packed with people. One thing this observer found unusual was the increased number of costumes seen on Thursday. Generally the costumed attendees are most numerous on the weekend. Today had a large assortment. On with the photos.

Mark Millar asked the question in his first column at CBR. You decide. Great costume, bad movie.

Liquorman. Yes, we know. Hulk and Supes in a very compromising position.

“These are not the comic fans we’re looking for.” “Hey, check out that Liquorman guy?” “Cuter than the Ewoks!”

“True Story Swear To God” creator Tom Beland and the lovely Lily. Artist Tom Mandrake with a “Creeps” bug on his shoulder.

CBR’s resident Oddball, Scott Shaw! “Little White Mouse’s” Paul Sizer

Gary Gianni Dave Stevens

Dan (“Nocturnals”) Brereton and Ted (“Courtney Crumrin”) Naifeh

“Violent Messiahs” and now “Snake Plisken’s” William O’Neil.

Jay Faerber The Dreamwave booth. One of many with spinning thingy’s atop.

Michael Avon Oeming The Penny Farthing Press booth had spinny things, too.

Rex Mundi” artist Eric J “Mayberry Mellonpool’s” Steve Troop

Eddie! No idea.

Yes, that’s the entirety of the Marvel booth. The DC tooh has no spinny things.

Astro City’s” Kurt Busiek “Thundercats” writer Ford Lytle Gilmore

Wildstorm’s Scott Dunbier DC’s Mike Carlin

Mike (“Jason and the Argobots“) Norton Eric (“Age of Bronze”) Shanower

The Red Star’s” Christian Gossett Also from the “Red Star,” Brad Kayle and Jo Olsen, VERY excited about their food.

AiT/PlanetLar’s Mimi Rosenheim with Blammo! Jim Krueger

Mark “Artesia” Smylie Signing at the Dark Horse Booth (L-R) Ron “Hellboy” Perlman, Mike “Hellboy” Mignola and Guillermo “Hellboy” Del Toro.

“Who you gonna call?”

Yeah, the joke was too obvious.

The game play at the Activision booth was fierce.

The Pioneer booth pushing … we dunno. You can’t go wrong with a “Dragonball Z” Hummer!


SAN DIEGO, DAY 1: CBR’s Photo Parade