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Romantic Facts

by  in Comic News Comment
Romantic Facts

Here is a new recurring bit that’ll pop up every once in awhile where I just make fun of three old romance comic book covers.


This one just speaks for itself, right?

I just love how the lady being cheated on is totally butchering her scene. She doesn’t look like someone who just found out her fiance is cheating on her…

She looks like she is someone looking for the right moment to interject something. “Ah…I wanted to say something…ah…you finish up there first and then I’ll make my point.”
Okay, I’ll admit it, Young Romance, you did, in fact, sort of hook me with the simple yet intriguing title of “Different!”

Maybe “different” in this context means back door love?

If you have any romance comic covers you know of that are high-larious, drop me a line at Don’t mention the other covers in the comments.