Robotika: For a Few Rules More Double-Size Relaunch Issue #1&2 (Preview)

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Story by
Art by
Alex Sheikman
Colors by
Joel Chua
Cover by
Alex Sheikman

Special double-size issue relaunching the new Robotika series, combining the previously published issue 1 with the all-new issue 2! When all you’re after is A Few Rubles More, nothing but trouble awaits. Hallucinogenic tadpoles, Black Legion mercenaries, Beppe the Gangster, the Queen, Digital Djhitis and the Three Yojimbos caught in the middle of two rival gangs and a drug deal gone very bad. Now, just when his fighting skills are needed the most, Niko is confronted with his equal and maybe his “even better” – the enigmatic Mister Saint Just! Plus, a Robotika back-up tale “Once Upon A Time…” by David Moran, Brian Churilla (Dark Horse Presents, The Engineer: Konstrukt) and Jeremy Shepherd (The Engineer: Konstrukt).