Robert Iger’s multibillion-dollar effort to reinvent Disney

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This BusinessWeek profile offers an interesting overview of the Walt Disney Co. under CEO Robert Iger, who’s investing billions in an effort to transform the media giant and increase its appeal among boys.

Iger, who in 2005 succeeded Michael Eisner, is — in the words of the article — on a “spending spree” marked by the purchases of Pixar in 2006 ($7.4 billion) and Marvel in 2009 ($4.3 billion) and a planned overhaul of Disney’s 350 retail outlets.

The piece includes quotes from Dan Vado, whose SLG Publishing released comics based on the Haunted Mansion theme-park ride, as well as criticism of the Marvel acquisition because licensing deals prevent Disney from exploiting some of the bigger superhero properties until at least 2013.