Rich Koslowski remixes the Three Little Pigs

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Rich Koslowski remixes the Three Little Pigs

Not since Green Jellö headbanged their way into our hearts* has the story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf gotten this kind of makeover: Writer-artist Rich Koslowski (Three Fingers, The King, The 3 Geeks) has teamed up with writer-retailer J.D. Arnold for the new Top Shelf graphic novel BB Wolf and the 3 LPs. (What can I say — Koslowski likes threes.) The book reimagines the venerable fairy tale through the lens of the blues. The duo talk to Alex Dueben about the project at CBR. I liked this bit from Arnold about how he hooked up with Koslowski:

I wrote this particular story about 5 years ago. I then sat on it for about a year, maybe a little less, searching for the right artist. It was in San Diego, at Comic-Con, in 2007 I think, that I met Rich Koslowski. I’d just finished reading “Three Fingers.” I have to say that I had not been that impressed by a graphic novel in a long time. I was instantly a huge fan. I knew right away, upon reading “Three Fingers,” that Rich’s style would be perfect for BB Wolf. But if not for my wife Katie, I doubt I would have ever screwed up the courage to approach him. Practically dragged by the hand, she led me to his booth. I’m sure I seemed the typical, sweaty-palmed fan boy. “Hi Mr. Koslowski. I’m a big fan. Will you sign my book for me?” Gah. I’m embarrassed just writing about it. And I don’t even think I had the nerve to ask him to look at my work then and there. It was many weeks later, after constant nudging from Katie, that I finally sent an email to Rich, asking him to look at the script. For some reason, maybe he was bored, maybe he remembered the pitiful stuttering fan and took pity, I don’t know, but he did agree to read it. The rest is history, I suppose.

Go, read the whole thing.

* Okay, so there’s Fables too, but I really wanted to link to that Green Jellö video.