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Resurrection Man #11

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Resurrection Man #11

With “Resurrection Man” ending in October, you’d be right to guess that the series is beginning its big wrap-up. With “Resurrection Man” #11, Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Jesus Saiz and Javier Pina bring Mitch Shelley (with Kim Rebecki in tow) back to the Lab, the place that created him.

Of course, for original “Resurrection Man” series readers back in the day, they might remember that “Resurrection Man” volume 1 #11 also had Mitch finally make it to the Lab with Kim Rebecki in tow. History has a funny way of repeating itself, doesn’t it?

Abnett and Lanning have some similarities present between the old #11 and the new #11, but fortunately it’s not a wholesale re-telling of the comic. Rather, the pieces are all present, but they’ve been jumbled around, given an additional set of pieces to click in as well and created something new. It’s fun, watching Mitch (re-)infiltrate the Lab and the crosses and double-crosses present keep readers on their toes. It’s a shame that this time around, though, going to the Lab will be the end of the series instead of launching the next year and a half’s worth of comics. At the moment, though, it feels like Abnett and Lanning have enough surprises up their sleeves that there’s enough plot to make it through the series’ conclusion.

Hopefully Saiz and Pina will end up on a new book before too long (perhaps back over on “Birds of Prey” with the news that Travel Foreman’s stint is temporary), because their art is crisp and clean as always here. Saiz understands how to lay out a page to bring the viewer through it quickly and the facial expressions (especially Kim’s) are entertaining enough that I’m always getting a good chuckle. If anything, Saiz and Pina’s art is almost a little too clean in places; the slightly grungy, dirty Mitch Shelley looks like he’s just finished with a shampoo and conditioner treatment.

“Resurrection Man” has been an entertaining series, both times around. While once again the series is getting close to its conclusion, I must admit that I can’t get too sad. After all, “Resurrection Man” has proven that it can come back from the dead. It’s in the series’ name, if nothing else. Before too long, I look forward to another revival with Abnett and Lanning on board. I bet it’ll be just as entertaining as the first two go-rounds.