Quote of the Day | ‘We need both kinds of music, country AND western’

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“The only kind of writing that should dominate comics is ‘good writing.’ Or maybe ‘great writing,’ if we can manage it. As a reader, as a moviegoer and TV viewer and music listener and food eater, I like more than one thing. I love pizza, but don’t want it for every meal. I think that Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated is the best show on television, but I’m glad it’s not the ONLY show on television. And while Ernest Scared Stupid is probably the only movie anyone ever really needs to see, it’s nice that they have a choice. In other words, we need both kinds of music, country AND western.”

— writer Chris Roberson, in a wide-ranging interview with Paul Tobin, responding to the question, “If you could make any one genre of writing dominant in comics, what would it be?”