Quote of the day | Thor: The Mighty Avenger and the Thunder God glut

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Quote of the day | <i>Thor: The Mighty Avenger</i> and the Thunder God glut

“About cancellation of Thor: The Mighty Avenger: Want to see a big part of the problem? Just look at next week’s schedule…TMA out same week as Astonishing Thor #1 and Thunderstrike #1. Add to ongoing Thor, Thor: For Asgard, Thor: First Thunder, Ultimate Thor, recent Loki, Sif, Warriors Four and Warriors Three minis/one-shots. Count in Avengers, Avengers Prime, New UltimatesMighty Avenger was clearly the best of the bunch, but how was it meant to stand out amongst the glut?”

retailer Tom Adams of Brooklyn’s Bergen Street Comics, with one possible explanation for the cancellation of Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee’s much-lauded, low-selling Thor: The Mighty Avenger, starring the much-published, soon-to-be-a-movie-star Asgardian Avenger. He forgot Marvel Adventures Super Heroes, Chaos War, Chaos War: Thor, Thor: Wolves at the Gate, Thor: Heaven and Earth, and Hulk.