Quote of the day | DC’s Ian Sattler on race in the DC Universe

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“It’s so hard for me to be on the other side because it’s not our intention. There is a reason behind it all. We don’t see it that way and strive very hard to have a diverse DCU. I mean, we have green, pink, and blue characters. We have the Great Ten out there and I have counter statistics, but I won’t get into that. It’s not how we perceived it. We get the same thing about how we treat our female characters.”

DC Senior Story Editor Ian Sattler on the perception that non-white characters (eg. Ryan Choi) are being removed to make way for their Caucasian predecessors, at the DC Nation panel at HeroesCon.

Take it away, Denny O’Neil:

(Via David Uzumeri. I thought of this right away, but David Brothers got there first.)