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Can You Name The Women Of Marvel?


Marvel superheroines have been shining on the silver screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since “Avengers” in 2012. Black Widow was instrumental in taming the Hulk, as well as closing the portal above New York City. Since then, Marvel’s women have filled the big screen, as well as the TV, in shows like “Agents of S.H.I.EL.D.” and “Jessica Jones.”

The women of Marvel have had starring roles in comic books for decades. They have a vast array of superpowers, with costumes to match. Wielding weapons like bosses and possessing incredible power, some of them have taken leadership of various superhero groups, like the Avengers or the X-Men, while their more villainous counterparts formed nefarious groups, like the Hellions or the Serpent Squad.

Some of the women of Marvel were born with powers, as mutants, that manifested as they got older. Others acquired their powers as the result of experiments, or were gifted their powers by supernatural entities. Regardless of their origin, the powers of these Marvel women are incredibly varied, from hand-to-hand combat to the ability to affect the galaxy. Many of them sacrificed their own lives to save their friends, as well as entire planets.

How well do you know the women of Marvel? Take this CBR quiz to test your knowledge!

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