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Thor: Norse Mythology Or Marvel Comics?


Thor was one of the first movies in the MCU to be released. In 2011, audiences had only seen two Iron Man movies, and a somewhat forgettable Hulk movie, before the God of Thunder made his debut in the form of Chris Hemsworth. The MCU was just getting started, and a movie starring Thor seemed like it was coming out of left field. However, years later, the MCU gelled into one big universe that was full of Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Thor: The Dark World cemented the Asgardian’s place in both the timeline and in the audience’s favor.

Movie-goers and long-time comic book fans may not realize how much of Marvel’s Thor and his home are taken straight from Norse mythology. The players are almost exactly the same, as are the stories, including Ragnarok. Throw in some chariots pulled by goats and Marvel’s God of Thunder is identical to the one who has been revered for centuries by the Vikings. Asgard, Midgard, Valhalla and the Bifrost came from the minds of Norsemen hundreds of years ago, just like Erik Selvig explained in the first Thor movie. Some gods and goddesses have been combined and gender-swapped, but it’s nearly impossible to tell the Marvel tales from the Norse ones.

CBR is here to test your skill at telling Marvel comics and Norse mythology apart. Take the quiz to see if you are worthy of Mjolnir!

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