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These Movies Are Based On Comics: True Or False?


Over the years, the comic book medium has proven to be a rich mine of stories. Like film, the medium is largely visual; however, the relatively low cost of producing a comic book has allowed the medium to foster stories that would otherwise be overlooked. Fortunately, success in the comic book market has led many of these stories to see new life on the cinema screen. As well as the hugely successful superhero films of Marvel Comics and DC Comics, other popular — and not so popular — comic books have had film adaptions with varying levels of critical and commercial success.

These comic books turned into movies span all sorts of genres — from superheroes, to fantasy, to hard-boiled crime all the way to semi-autobiographical and slice-of-life stories. What also varies is how vocal these films are about their comic book source material. Some films are loud and proud about their comic book origins, while others prefer not to mention it; not wanting to be seen as just another comic book movie. Regardless, it is clear that comics are a great inspiration for all sorts of films!

So step up and see how well you can identify some of the lesser known and more obscure comic book film adaptions.



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