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The Flash: Can You Name These Superheroes and Villains?


Over the years, the Flash left a lot of villains, and other superheroes, in the dust. Some of the villains in Barry Allen’s life were on-again, off-again friends. Other villains had a deep-seated hatred for the Flash and vowed eternal vengeance for their perceived slights. The Fastest Man Alive grappled all sorts of meta humans, including ones on other Earths. There have even been times that the Flash fought enemies and their doppelgängers all at once.

Barry was also surrounded by plenty of normal humans. He had an adoptive father who loved him like a son. He also had the love of a woman he had known since childhood. His friends, co-workers and family were a big reason he fought the onslaught of enemies who terrorized Central City and the planet at large. He even sacrificed his own life in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” to save all of  mankind.

Because the Flash traveled to other Earths and even created other timelines, his world was full of superheroes and villains who made their mark in the CW’s TV series, as well as in the Flash comic books. CBR is here to see if you can remember these 50 enemies, friends and rogues.

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