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Are These Comic Book Superheroes Clones Or Not?


The notion of the “evil twin” has been a staple of fiction for centuries, so it is of little surprise that the idea was brought over to the world of superhero comics, as well. In superhero comics, there have been plenty of magical doubles over the years, but for the most part, clones have been the name of the game when it comes to having different versions of notable characters. The most famous character to get cloned, of course, was Spider-Man, who had an entire storyline in the 1970s where he dealt with clones of his dead girlfriend, Gwen, as well as a clone of himself! That storyline was continued decades later in the seemingly endless crossover event known as the “Clone Saga,” where Spider-Man began to doubt whether he was even the original Peter Parker! Recently, clones returned to the pages of “Spider-Man” in the crossover, “The Clone Conspiracy,” where Spider-Man was tempted with whether he could possibly bring multiple people back to life through cloning.

Clones have had other purposes in comics over the years, as well. There have been so many clones in comics that we have enough to test whether you can pick which of these characters are clones and which ones are not. Think you know your comic book clones? Then let’s get started!

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