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Rick And Morty: Can You Name All These TWISTED AF Characters?


Writer Dan Harmon (Community) is in high demand these days. From his work on Dr. Strange, to the Rick & Morty cell phone games, to his Harmontown podcast series and his upcoming show Good Game, he has got a lot going on. Now, as happy as we are for him, this has meant the release of Season 3 of Rick & Morty has been pushed back time and again. In the Season 2 finale, that aired in the fall of 2015, it was announced that the ultra popular show would not be back for nearly two years. For the hardcore fans, the wait has been outrageously long, so when the first episode of Season 3 dropped on April Fool’s Day, the net exploded with memes, fanart and plenty of Szechuan sauce t-shirt designs.

Well, we’re back to waiting with no definite information on when the rest of Season 3 may air. However, we here at CBR feel your pain and have got your back. We have put together a quiz that tests your knowledge of the show’s zany characters. While many of these bugged-out individuals only appear in a single episode, most have become cult favorites. What are you waiting for? Jump in and relive the brilliance of Rick & Morty by testing your knowledge!

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