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POP QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Supergirl?


“Supergirl” has garnered solid ratings and critical praise as one of the Arrowverse TV series on the CW. Executive Producer Greg Berlanti and his creative team have crafted a superhero show that promotes a positive message of acceptance, love and family. Like “Arrow” and “The Flash” before it, “Supergirl” began as a hero-of-the-week TV series, but quickly evolved into a show with longer-arching storylines and deeper meanings. For instance, National City is split between people who accept aliens, and people who fear and hate them.

Supergirl’s family is non-traditional, but she embraces her adoptive family members, and they, in turn, love her like their own. “Supergirl” also portrays a loving, complicated, realistic same-sex relationship. “Supergirl” introduced several superheroes and villains from DC comics, like Cat Grant, Martian Manhunter and Silver Banshee. Some familiar storylines have been pulled straight from the comics and into “Supergirl” episodes. New characters have found a home on the series, as well, like Winn Schott and Alex Danvers.

Supergirl has participated in more than one Arrowverse crossover episode, most notably a musical one on “The Flash” titled “Duet.” “Invasion!” also pulled characters from all the Arrowverse shows, including “Legends of Tomorrow,” when Supergirl helped them train to fight aliens called Dominators.

Clearly we love it, but we want to know now how well YOU know the “Supergirl” show! Take our quiz to find out!

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