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Can You Name These Marvel Supervillain Groups?


The Marvel Universe is stuffed choc-full of heroes. From veteran adventurers to new kids on the block, an ever-growing number of do-gooders stand ready to fight evil and help save the day. Which is a good thing, because the Marvel Universe is also home to some of the most dastardly bad guys in comics. From the cosmic power of Galactus to the scientific smarts of Doctor Octopus, Marvel villains show up time and time again to bedevil their heroic nemeses. But there are some occasions where even the most capable villain can’t do it alone. Whether it’s groups of villains working together or one of the numerous villainous organisations that exist, Marvel bad guys realize that sometimes, many heads are better than one.

The beauty of villainous organisations in the Marvel Universe is that they come in all shapes and sizes. For the Punisher, there is a seemingly never-ending number of mob families; for the X-Men, there are groupings of evil mutants as well as political foes; for Spider-Man, his many rogues are seemingly engaged in a never-ending game of villainous musical chairs, constantly moving from one organization to another. While many of Marvel’s villainous groups have enjoyed great success, others have achieved little of note, their primary function seemingly to be used as punching bags by various heroes. Now, CBR has drawn together 25 villainous groups, from the infamous to the obscure, to test your knowledge of Marvel’s many bad guys.

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