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Can You Name These Cartoon Classics From The ’90s And 2000s?


Very few animated series lived in primetime television before the 1990s. “The Flintstones” was a successful primetime cartoon in the ’60s, but for the most part, TV cartoons were limited to Saturday mornings, when parents slept in and kids ate cereal in front of the TV. Kids were the target audience for TV cartoons for decades, and a lot of TV cartoons starred only superheroes.

The 1990s, however, saw a big shift in the animation industry, and as a result, the television industry. With the addition of 24-hour cable networks, network executives had to fill much larger schedules with whatever shows they could find. Nickelodeon found a niche in animation, and led the market when it came to edgy, non-traditional cartoons. Most of Nickelodeons TV cartoons were marketed to kids, but were just as entertaining to adults. Cartoon Network soon joined Nickelodeon in developing original animated series, not just acquired cartoons that had outlived their value.

Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network led the way in a boom in animation in the late ’90s and the early ’00s. Fox, MTV and the Disney Channel also began producing cartoons that aired in primetime, and sometimes, around the clock. Some of the most popular animated shows were aimed specifically at adults, for a change.

How many TV cartoons do you remember from the ’90s and the beginning of this century? Take the CBR quiz to find out.

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