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Can You Name These Netflix Marvel Superheroes And Villains?


New York City is a battleground for the good and evil forces of the world. Four people with enhanced abilities have vowed to protect its citizens.

In Hell’s Kitchen, Matt Murdock is a compassionate attorney by day, but a masked vigilante by night. He uses his heightened senses and his years of training to fight Yakuza, the Hand and the other opponents who cross his path. The death of his father prompted him to become the martial arts master he is today.

Jessica Jones is a private investigator in New York City. After she survived the car crash that killed her family, she discovered she had super-strength. When Kilgrave attempts to control her again, she goes on the offensive and finds a way to beat him, with the help of her friends.

In Harlem, Luke Cage is hiding out from the police after escaping from Seagate Prison. When his mentor is killed in a senseless shooting, he decides to use his impenetrable body and his super-strength to protect and defend the people of Harlem.

Elsewhere in New York City, Danny Rand returns, seemingly from the grave, to claim ownership of the business his father built. As he tangles with Rand Enterprises, he uncovers the company’s ties to the Hand and Madame Gao. He uses his training as the Iron Fist to take back what’s rightfully his.

How well do you know the Defenders? Take the quiz!

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