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How Well Do You Know The Guardians Of The Galaxy?


“Guardians of the Galaxy,” released in 2014, was more of a space opera like “Star Wars,” than it was a Marvel superhero movie. Director James Gunn purposely ignored the typical template for a Marvel superhero movie, and focused on making a movie about a space cowboy and his outlaw crew.

The Guardians don’t start out as Guardians, but as criminals on the run. Each of them has committed more than one crime and is wanted by more than one authority. They come together for one purpose: to make money. Drax the Destroyer is the only one who isn’t interested in money; he is there for vengeance. Together, they embark on a doomed mission to keep one of the Infinity Stones out of Ronan the Accuser’s clutches.¬†Along the way, the encounter some formidable foes who want to see them dead. Using a combination of sweet talk, strategy and heavy weapons, the group manages to stay one step ahead of their deaths.

Each of the Guardians brings a unique set of talents to the team. One of them is a professional thief and smooth talker; one of them is a highly-trained assassin whose favorite weapon is a sword; one of them has incredible strength and a true heart; another is an expert with explosives and escape plans; and the last member of the Guardians has strength, adaptability and some sweet moves.

Take the CBR quiz to see what you remember about the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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