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Can You Name These Golden Age Superheroes?


The Golden Age of Comics is widely considered to have begun sometime in the late ‘30s, lasting not quite two decades and ending around 1950. Never before or since has there been such a period of unbridled creativity and boundless imagination. It is an era that gave the world some of the most recognized touchstones in modern history; heroes and villains who would transcend medium and genre to enter our shared cultural lexicon as universal symbols of justice and hope. And while we may never again see titles sell in the millions of copies, we live in a time when comics remain at the vanguard of popular culture, crossing over to new media and reaching out to new audiences.

It never hurts to look back, though. As comics reach an ever more diverse and sophisticated readership, it’s important to understand and preserve the history of the medium. Only by knowing where we’ve come from can we move forward. The Golden Age was the birthplace of new ideas and new heroes. It was all about looking forward. It was far from perfect, but without our beloved Golden Age, we would have had far less magic in our lives. So take our quiz and see how well you know your comics history. Can you name all of these Golden Age mystery men and women?

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