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Can You Name These Final Fantasy Characters?


Though “Final Fantasy XV” released a while back, fans of the franchise are still not done with the game thanks to a series of promised improvements coming to the title in the form of patches and DLC (downloadable content) that’s on track to be released sometime soon. As some of the issues that are plaguing the game are going to be ironed out through these updates, it will no doubt entice a lot of fans both new and old who have been holding off on playing the title to give it a chance and finally meet Noctis and his friends.

Since all of the “Final Fantasy” games are so drastically different from each other, it’s very divisive which characters people like best in the series. But no matter how much players enjoy one game’s party members, everyone is always excited to meet the next game’s batch of new faces. Therefore, we decided to see how well you know the characters from all across the franchise. Have you played every game and think you know everyone by heart? We’ve gathered names from the various games and movies to test you on that. So let’s find out: Can You Name These “Final Fantasy” Characters?

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