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Name The Cartoon Superheroes And Villains Voiced By Famous Actors


For several decades, TV cartoons were just for kids, airing after school and on Saturday mornings. Then, “The Simpsons” premiered on Fox in 1989, and proved TV cartoons could be targeted at grown-ups too. Since then, dozens of primetime and late-night cartoons have come and gone, and networks like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim pack their schedules with animated series. As a result, the number of animated series have exploded in the last two decades.

Because animated series are becoming more popular, and nabbing higher ratings and sales, cartoon production companies can afford to cast actors and actresses who are known for their live-action roles. Plus, actors are more receptive to voiceover work. Not only is it less time-consuming than live-action film and TV, with a still-hefty paycheck, but also animated series are a welcome addition to their IMDB page, rather than a throwaway credit. Live-action and voiceover worlds are merging, with more opportunities for famous actors behind the microphone.

In superhero animated shows, especially, pairing a recognizable name with a character has a certain cache. It’s a nod to the fans when Warner Bros. casts, for example, Helen Slater, who played Supergirl in the live-action film, as Talia al Ghul in “Batman: The Animated Series.” Let CBR test your knowledge of well-known actors and actresses who voiced roles in superhero cartoons.

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