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Can You Name These Comic Book Magic Users?


The realm of mainstream comics has always been a place of magic and wonder. Since the Golden Age of Comics, heroic magic users have been a staple of the genre. From mystically-empowered stage magicians to divine entities dedicated to punishing the wicked, these heroes have used their mastery of the mystic arts to fight evil in all of its myriad forms. When brute strength or technology fails, heroes like Doctor Strange and Zatanna step up to the plate to set the world to rights again. Without these guardians of the occult the world would have been overrun by demons and madmen several times over.

The popularity of these heroic witches, warlocks and mages has waxed and waned over the years, but seems more powerful than ever thanks to comics’ dominance in other media such as film and television. Characters such as Doctor Strange, the Scarlet Witch and the Enchantress not only challenge our perceptions of reality but also force us to revisit our understanding of good and evil. They add an element of mystery and the unpredictability to the superhero genre, taking audiences and readers alike on new journeys into the unknown. How well do you know magic? Take our quiz to see if you can name each of these heroic comic book magic users.

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