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Can You Name These Batman Villains?


When you have been around as a character as long as Batman has, you go through a variety of eras. Each one of those eras had a different influence upon them and that influence had a notable impact on the villains that Batman fought against. When Batman debuted in 1939, the series was heavily influenced by pulp fiction and as such, the earliest Batman villains were mad scientists and criminals right out of the pulps. Then, during the superhero boom of the 1940s, Batman began to face off against colorful villains like the Joker, Penguin, Catwoman and the Riddler. Once the superhero boom came to a close, Batman mostly spent his time fighting against either traditional criminals or outlandish aliens (as the “Batman” titles tried to replicate the success of the “Superman” titles). After Julius Schwartz was brought on board as the editor in the 1960s, Batman went back to fighting his traditional supervillains, especially when those villains started appearing on the smash hit “Batman” TV series in 1966. Once that show was finished, Batman’s supervillains were revamped and became more dangerous (it was at this point that the idea of Batman’s villains being “criminally insane” was first introduced).

More so than any other comic book superhero, Batman’s Rogues are so popular that they have practically taken on a life of their own. More than one of them even received their own ongoing series, which is a remarkable achievement. Let’s take a look at Batman’s expansive collection of foes and see how many that you can identify!

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