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Is This Marvel Comics Character A Mutant Or Not?


Marvel superhero origins have changed over time. In the Golden Age of the 1940s, super-serums and blood transfusions were a popular method of explaining how characters could develop enhanced powers. Captain America and the Destroyer (the super-soldier serum), and The Whizzer (transfusion of mongoose blood) were some of the many characters to gain their powers in this way. When Marvel experienced its renaissance in the ’60s, there was a common element to many of the new origin stories. Tying into contemporary fears about the atomic age and communism, countless characters gained their powers through exposure to radiation. Whether gamma rays, cosmic rays or radioactive spiders, radiation was the go-to explanation for superpowers in this era.

By the ’90s, with the great success of the X-Men titles, this had greatly changed. Just like Stan Lee┬ádiscovered, writers learned that the beauty of making someone a mutant was that a convoluted explanation for their powers wasn’t required: they were simply born with the mutant gene. Consequently, the number of mutants exploded, the original five X-Men introduced in 1963 became a whole school of mutants by the time of Grant Morrison’s run in 2001. Now, CBR wants you to test your knowledge to see if you can identify which of the following Marvel characters are mutants.

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