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Marvel Cosmic: How Much Do You REALLY Know About The Marvel Comics Galaxy?


As the recent release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 proved, Marvel’s cosmic characters will help define the next few years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite a rich history of space epics during the foundational 1960s and psychedelic 1970s, the intergalactic parts of the Marvel Universe always seemed to take a backseat to more earthbound adventures. Although books like Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer spent a reasonable amount of time in space, these tales seemed relatively self-contained next to expansive sagas starring Spider-Man or the X-Men. Even when events like “The Infinity Gauntlet” propelled Marvel’s cosmos into the spotlight for a time, it always faded into the background after a few years.

After the 2006 crossover “Annihilation” and the 2007 crossover “Annihilation: Conquest,” Marvel’s galactic frontier was given a dynamic new focal point with the creation of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy. While the team isn’t even a full decade old, they’ve rocketed from comic book obscurity to pop cultural super-stardom in their brief lifespan. With a newfound spotlight and a rich legacy of stories, the future of Marvel’s space-based characters has never been brighter. Now, CBR wants to test your knowledge of Marvel’s cosmos. For this quiz, we’ll be testing your knowledge of the planets, alien races and intergalactic heroes that shape Marvel’s expansive universe.

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