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How Well Do You Know The Marvel Comics Multiverse?


Since its debut in 1939, the Marvel Universe has been home to some of the world’s greatest superheroes. As creators like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko defined Marvel’s main world, Earth-616, the Marvel Universe began to spin off and form countless alternate realities. From the constant time-traveling shenanigans of “Uncanny X-Men” to the myriad of parallel worlds featured in the alternate reality series “What If?,” the Marvel Multiverse has generated some of Marvel’s most memorable adventures.

In alternate realities, creators have been able to twist familiar characters into unexpected shapes with famous stories like “Age of Apocalypse.” While some of these worlds were only seen for a few issues, places like the Ultimate Universe or “Spider-Girl’s” MC2 were regularly published for over a decade. Some fan-favorite characters like Spider-Man 2099 and Rachel Summers even migrated to the main Marvel Universe after being introduced in a parallel world. Over the past few years, Marvel’s alternate worlds have played an especially prominent role in multiverse-spanning epics like 2014’s “Spider-Verse” and 2015’s “Secret Wars.” Now, CBR challenges you to test your knowledge of Marvel’s Multiverse. For this quiz, we’ll be looking at some of Marvel’s most famous parallel worlds, possible future timelines and alternate realities.

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