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Logan’s Rogues: Can You Name These Wolverine Villains?


As the first member of the All-New, All-Different X-Men to receive his own solo series, Wolverine was in an interesting position. Chris Claremont famously did not want to give Wolverine his own title and when he finally agreed to do it, he would only go through with it if he could split Wolverine off from the rest of the X-Men Universe by sending him to an island nation of Madripoor where Wolverine operated in secret as “Patch” (everyone later revealed to him that they knew who he was the whole time but wanted to humor him). Thus, Claremont was able to introduce a brand-new supporting cast and collection of villains for Wolverine that kept him in his own little corner of the Marvel Universe.

Eventually, the writers who followed Claremont took Wolverine out of Madripoor and since then, Wolverine has traveled the whole world, fighting a variety of bad guys. He has had many different ongoing series during this time (plus a long-running stint as the lead feature in “Marvel Comics Presents”) so he has collected one of the most varied Rogues Galleries in the Marvel Universe. For this quiz, we’re only going to be spotlighting the villains that Wolverine has fought on his own in one of his many ongoing series, so no villains that he only fought as a member of the X-Men (like Magneto). See how many of Wolverine’s villains you can name!

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