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Is This Object From The DC Or Marvel Universe?


One of the coolest parts of a shared comic book universe is the simple fact that it is shared. An object or weapon introduced in one title could end up playing a major role in an entirely different comic. This was wonderfully illustrated in the mid 1980s when one of the objects that you will later see on this quiz had a great effect to the world in the pages of Thor. However, other Marvel titles, from Avengers to Amazing Spider-Man to even West Coast Avengers (then in their very first miniseries!) reflected the events of what happened in Thor.

However, if a shared universe is important, then it is also important to make sure that you have the right shared universe for a given object. That, then, leads us to this quiz. You’ll be given a list of 50 notable objects from both the Marvel and DC Universes. You have to simply determine whether the object is from the DC Universe or the Marvel Universe, after which we’ll talk about them! We omitted objects that were notably featured in both universe, such as the Spear of Destiny (more of a DC object than a Marvel object, but it has appeared in both worlds) and there are no swords on the list, either (that could be its own quiz!).

Good luck putting each object where it belongs!

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