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How Well Do You REALLY Know Wonder Woman?


Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston and H.G. Peter and first appeared in “All-Star Comics” #8 in 1941. In that issue, she met and saved Steve Trevor, then assumed the name Diana Prince. Her origin story has changed from timeline to timeline, but the essentials are always the same. She is a descendant of Zeus and an Amazon warrior. She has weapons that have been enhanced or blessed by the gods. Above all, she has sworn to protect mankind and will never kill a human being.

After her debut, Wonder Woman became a symbol of female empowerment for over 75 years. Her costume has changed many times to reflect the changing attitudes and perceptions of what a female warrior should wear. Her blue skirt covered in white stars got left behind long ago, and in the DC Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman wears a uniform more suited for battle, resembling the leather armor of warriors from centuries past. She still wears her royal tiara and her indestructible bracelets. She also carries a shield and sword, which she used handily in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

In 2017, Wonder Woman takes the Amazonian princess onto the big screen, where her origin story will be told. How well do you know Wonder Woman? Take the CBR quiz to find out!

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