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How Well Do You REALLY Know The Watchmen?


In 1986, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons forever changed the landscape of mainstream comics with the release of the first issue of Watchmen. An unflinching examination of the superhero archetype that approached its subject matter with a maturity and complexity heretofore unknown in comics, Watchmen was immediately heralded as a turning point for the genre and a high-water mark of the medium. Set in a dystopian world flirting with nuclear Armageddon, where superheroes were outlawed, the series depicted its protagonists as deeply flawed, psychologically unstable and exceedingly violent.

Critics and fans alike lauded Moore and Gibbons as comics’ new saviors and the series became one of a handful of titles (along with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns) that helped legitimize comics as a true art form. Despite its widespread mainstream success, Watchmen was never a stranger to controversy. Considered by many of its detractors as leading comics down an unnecessarily dark and dismal path of deconstructionism, the series continues to polarize readers over 30 years after its original publication. With plans for both a new R-rated cartoon adaption and live action TV series on HBO, we had to ask the question: Who watches the Watchmen? Take our quiz to find out just how well you know this iconic series.

SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers ahead for numerous stories published by DC Comics.

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