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How Well Do You Know Wolverine’s Fights With Other Superheroes?


Through over four decades of action-packed adventures, Wolverine has distinguished himself as one of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe. Thanks to the unstoppable combination of his powerful mutant healing factor, unbreakable adamantium skeleton and razor-sharp claws, Logan is one of the X-Men’s most fearsome members. Even without his abilities, Wolverine would be a formidable foe with his extensive martial arts training, decades of military experience and a bloodthirsty savage side.

While Wolverine has appeared in everything from Saturday morning cartoons to hyper-violent movies like “Logan,” he’s never too far away from slipping into his famous berserker rage. That unpredictability gives the character a danger that sets him apart from most other superheroes. Where characters like Superman and Spider-Man try to save lives at all costs, Wolverine has killed many times before and will almost certainly kill again. Although supervillains like Sabretooth and Lady Deathstrike have usually been on the receiving end of his most vicious blows, Wolverine has also fought his fellow superheroes more than a few times over the years. Even when he’s been brainwashed or weakened, Logan has still retained the fighter’s instinct that makes him the best he is at what he does. Now, CBR challenges you to test your knowledge of Wolverine’s most brutal battles with other superheroes.

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