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How Well Do You Know Weapon X?


For decades, the mysterious Weapon X Program has covertly shaped some of Marvel Comics’ biggest characters. Although it wouldn’t fully be defined for decades, Weapon X was first mentioned in the same panel where Wolverine made his debut at the end of Len Wein and Herb Trimpe’s “Incredible Hulk” #180 in 1974. Throughout its frequent appearances in X-Men comics, cartoons and movies, the secrets behind the program have unraveled on an increasingly bigger stage. While Weapon X has been one of Wolverine’s most consistent antagonists, the organization and its operatives have even had a few starring roles over the years, including the Frank Tieri-penned series “Weapon X” in 2002.

During Grant Morrison’s landmark run on “New X-Men,” Weapon X was revealed to be a splinter operation based on the tenth incarnation of the larger Weapon Plus Program. While Weapon X’s operations initially seemed confined to the world of Wolverine, these revelations placed Weapon Plus’ roots in the beginnings of the Marvel Universe. Now, Weapon X is set to take center stage again as it seeks to exterminate all mutants in a new series by Greg Pak, Greg Land and Jay Leisten. From Weapon Plus’ oldest secrets to Weapon X’s newest enemies, CBR wants to challenge your knowledge of Weapon X and Weapon Plus.

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