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How Well Do You Know These Superheroes’ Powers?


Unless your name is Batman, in the world of comics, most superheroes wouldn’t be very super if they didn’t possess amazing powers beyond the ken of any normal human. Superpowers are intrinsically tied to the archetype of the superhero and how they are used is a major theme in mainstream comics. We all know the phrase, “with great power comes great responsibility.” The reason Uncle Ben’s words of wisdom resonate so strongly for his nephew Peter Parker and countless readers around the world is because they evoke a truth that applies just as much to the world outside our windows as the fictional universes to which we escape every day.

Superpowers are infinitely various, spawned from an eclectic array of sources that most often include rubber science, the occult, plain old human ingenuity or sometimes a combination of all three. From super strength to super speed and from sorcery to science, there are almost as many superpowers as there are heroes and villains to wield them. And more seem to be cropping up every day, as creators continue to push the boundaries of their imaginations to uncover stranger and more exotic abilities. How well do you know the powers of your favorite superheroes? Match the ability to the hero in our quiz to find out just how powerful you are!

SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers ahead for numerous stories published by various companies.

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