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How Well Do You Know These Comic Villain Origins?


What’s in a bad guy? A villain by any other origin would be just as evil. Unless you’re looking at the really old comics in which villains woke up and decided they’d rob a bank, kidnap or straight up murder someone because it was fun, you’ll find that pretty much all the mainstream bad guys have dark and troubled pasts. Much like the heroes they fight against, villains often fight for a loved one, try to avenge lost virtues or are lost in an obsession for the betterment of mankind. Of course, there are those like DC’s Trigon, who doesn’t just do evil, he is evil. If you haven’t already, you’ll probably begin to see the distinction as you work your way through this quiz.

The origin story behind every villain changes how we perceive their criminal actions. Is a scientist justified for trying to murder a CEO who cut off his funding? Immediately, we’d say “of course not!” until we look at cases like that of Mister Freeze, who would argue that it is. Let’s see how well you really know these supervillains and the pasts that shaped them. We’ll cover some of DC and Marvel’s most prominent villains like Doctor Octopus as well as more obscure ones (at least, to the more casual comic reader) like Atrocitus.

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